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We offer a large variety of product options to use as carriers for supplements, vitamins,
herbs and OTC drug applications. Custom formulations can be created to meet your needs.

All products below are certified Kosher and manufactured under strict quality control guidelines.

Packaging options include bulk as well as regular, re-sealable and stand up bags.
Call or write for Private Label and custom print options.

Cough Drops

Chocolate Caramels


Assorted Foil-wrapped

Multi-Vitamin Chews Calcium Chews

Viatciv is a  registered trademark of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC
Fort Washington, PA. 20-20 Consulting is in no way affiliated
with McNeil Nutritionals. Viactiv products are shown for demonstrative purposes only as an illustration of the types
of products offered by 20-20 Consulting, LLC.

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